Success Stories

We have made over 170,606 placements in housing, shelter or a treatment program in Broward County through our outreach street services. Here is one of those stories.

Robert and Sarah's Love Story

The path from homelessness to being stably housed is not always a straight line, and it certainly hasn’t been for Robert and Sarah.

The Taskforce Fore Ending Homelessness first met Robert back in 2009, and over the years has had over 270 contacts with him.  The TaskForce has placed Robert in multiple shelter and transitional programs in Broward County.   Robert would do well for a period of time, but mental health and substance abuse issues made it difficult for him to maintain stability.


We met Sarah in 2014, and have had over 60 contacts with her.  When we first met Sarah, her only source of income was an early retirement check from social security, which totaled $560 per month.  Sarah also struggled with mental health and chronic health conditions.  The TaskForce was able to place her in a program that provided her with the stability she needed to pursue a disability claim, which increased her monthly income by several hundred dollars.

The TaskForce continued to pursue all available housing options for Robert and Sarah, who became a couple in 2016.  This included administering a standardized risk assessment tool, which confirmed that their situation was both dire and life-threatening. Life on the streets was really beginning to take its toll on Robert and Sarah.   But the couple never gave up hope, and the TaskForce kept working on their behalf, advocating to ensure they received the housing they so desperately needed.

In March 2018, their dream became a reality.  Robert and Sarah, now married, were approved for placement in a permanent supportive housing program.  The Taskforce Fore Ending Homelessness was able to locate the couple, who at the time were living in places not meant for human habitation, and transported them directly from the street to their new apartment in Broward County.

Three months later, the couple is doing extremely well in their new apartment, enjoying newfound stability after years of homelessness.  And if you are ever walking down Las Olas on a Friday night, listen for the sounds of a live piano player -- it just might be Robert, who plays piano at one of the most popular restaurants.

Just Some of the Thousands of People We Have Reached

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